Any bikes Performance depends on its

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Any bikes Performance depends on its parts & engine , if they work properly it will give longer life to your bike. Tire wear is the next thing to check especially if you are a high mile rider . The heat, rains and rough use takes their toll on the tires and rusting of metal parts can affect its performance if not maintained properly. So it is highly advised that the bike is given regular and scheduled tune-ups, missing even one secession might affect its performance. With out either you are not going to go very far very fast. While checking tires If you see any worn spots , then change it ASAP or you may need to do this while on ride on road. So it will be ready when you are, to enjoy the roads of your community. This annual check up is just precautionary just to make sure they are not excessively worn out.Maintenance is the key to long life of & better performance of your mountain bike . Other things like bearings etc needs attention only if you see any Oil leakage otherwise a annual inspection is enough. Its advisable to keep it in a cool and dry place when not in use. If it is then you have to replace them, thus preventing any future accident . Your tires are just about as important as your chain.Regular maintenance is very simple task like adjusting your brakes or lubing chain etc.Whether it is Regular or complete scheduled maintenance. Tires are the most important  part of your bike and it plays a crucial role in your ride and safety . Especially in cold weather .The rider has to importance of TDC corners maintenance and has to give some time to bike .. Now is as good at time as any to keep your bike in good working order.which will not take more then 10 or 15 minutes. in this article we will discuss & share some tips to for easy maintenance of your bike .. as they are subjected to all kinds of harsh weather and rough terrains they tend to wear out sooner than expected. Simple check up of all movable parts, nuts and bolts can prove to be great help in maintaining it performance

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